Who we are

Who we are?


Kitecamp Tarifa was born in 2015, with the intention of creating a project which could be shared with you to help you live some unforgettable experiences.

We want to help you learn and enjoy this amazing sport which we love, and above all in a safe and secure manner.

We are all locals who have seen and experienced the evolution in teaching kitesurfing, and for this reason, we have applied our own style which is based on the IKO format, but adding to it our own adaptations for the area where we live and work.

After teaching hundreds of students, we keep developing and optimizing our magical way of giving lessons, where step by step, you will be able to reach your objectives.

We understand that when you travel, you like to explore and experience the most beautiful and genuine pleaces, and for that reason we are here to advise you in anything you need, from tricks and tips so that you can move around Tarifa like a local.

We understand the needs you have when you come to learn how to kitesurf, so for that reason, we offer packages at an economic price, offering you the maximum quality of service so that you can feel at home during your stay in Tarifa.

At Kitecamp Tarifa we put all our love and attention into what we do so that you can enjoy and feel the special energy that we have.

We have traveled all around the world, and improved our vision and applied it to our work. Experience is an essential requisite when people are learning an extreme sport such as kitesurfing.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, at Kitecamp Tarifa we hope to share with you our experience and passion for this project, where our main objective is making sure you have fun!

Happy winds and see you all in Tarifa!